Welcome to my website and to the designing and building I have been doing in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont for over thirty years. I am a full-service design/build contractor dedicated to quality and grace in all the arts and crafts of home building. 

My Work

I designed and built my first new house in 1976 and have built and renovated dozens of homes since. Actually a particular specialty of mine, and the majority of my work, has been in the transformation of older homes, often inside and out, bottom to top.

I design almost everything I build.  I worked with pencil and paper until computers arrived when I enthusiastically moved to the computer (CAD).  I talk about my design design philosophy in Design Matters.

Your building experience

People who work with me get a “hands-on” designer/builder, experienced and involved in every aspect of the process from start to finish.  To give you an idea of what I focus on and bring to your building experience, here are some of my high values:

Quality, not just in the building but also in the process.

Efficiency: Energy efficiency, space efficiency, construction efficiency.

Green Building.  Conscious respect for the environment.

Durability in both material and method. Built to last.

Economy of effort and expense.

Experience and professionalism from all workers on your job.

Not forgetting…

Creativity in both design and execution.

Beauty. Grace of form and flow.  Simplicity, balance, harmony.

• and of course Utility.  It must serve.

Who I am…

It has been my passion, joy and livelihood to bring these values to the designing and building process.. To learn more about me and my history please go to About Chris.

Thank you!

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