“That work cannot be called perfect which should be useful and not durable, or durable and not useful, or having both these should be without beauty”    —Andrea Palladio, 16th century



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The Value of Design

How to measure the value of good design?  Well done, it results in a home both functional and beautiful.  A good design also saves money in a multitude of ways—optimal use of space, ease of construction, energy efficiency, durability, resale value and more.

The Craft of Design

A house is space to eat and sleep, work, play and all the rest.  When it also fills its larger purpose, nourishing our heart, passions and dreams, then it is a home.  It is the work of your designer to translate both your needs and your dreams into wood, stone, glass, metal....

Many abilities are required.  Good listening and communication skills come first. Add knowledge of construction materials, methods and resources, the ability to produce drawings that communicate well, engineering expertise, understanding of codes and regulations, and on and on. But technical skill must be harnessed to vision. 

The Art of Design

A home is more than the arrangement of its functions. It is the warmth of spaces and the play of light.  It is

“Chris has a practical, efficient and graceful sense of design”

harmony of color, texture, proportion, balance and flow.  It is your living environment, your relationship with the sun, wind and weather, with the land, trees and water.
The design of your home affects all aspects of your life— your comfort, efficiency a
nd productivity, family and social life, energy, mood, even your health.  It is a matter of feel.  A house is a house.  A home has a spirit.

Many years ago I saw a bumper sticker that read “Art Saves Lives”.  Perhaps that is a little strong (or perhaps not), but in time I have come to see the truth in those words.  Design is a marriage of art and craft, and art is actually the better half.

—Ω  Ω—

And the craft is important.  A design is must be conveyed well, and in different ways, to clients, engineers, regulators and contractors.   Some kinds of drawings involved:


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Technical drawings...