We were first-time home builders. We knew that we wanted a designer/builder who could design a functional, eloquent, environmentally harmonious home and who could also gently guide us through the complicated home building process. Chris Jackson fulfilled these requirements and many more.

We came to Chris with a list of house wants and needs and a theme for the home we were trying to create. He quickly “got" what we were trying to create and within a couple of weeks presented us with a unique design idea that met our needs, embodied the architectural feel we wanted and could be built within our

Our confidence in Chris is total.

budget.  Chris has a very artistic eye. His design work is integrated, eloquent and functional. 

Our confidence in Chris is total. He was a deeply invested partner with us throughout the building process. He is a really talented designer and builder, a man who truly values his clients and, if that weren’t enough, a great guy.  

What can we say?  Just a huge THANKS, Chris, for your time and love, and all the great energy that went into creating our beautiful home.  This house emanates your wonderful energy, and we keep discovering new touches every day.  Thank you!

Rebecca Lovejoy and Ron Wagner

It has been thirty-five years since Chris and I were first involved in a building project— my old house!   Recently Chris designed and built an entirely new home and large art studio for me.

Chris has a practical, efficient and graceful sense of design congruent with his New England

Chris has a practical, efficient and graceful sense of design

upbringing. Things that work well and look good— form following function.  These are his operating principles.   As his experience has grown, his designs have continued to follow those principles, maturity and refinement growing in them to the point of real, lasting beauty.
Chris is a very unusual person to work with professionally. With clients and with fellow workers he takes one’s concerns to heart. Truly it i

There are not many designers or builders in the class where Chris lives.

s a partnership to a degree that is unusual.  Chris is a real master carpenter and likes to be involved that way. He is better at it than anyone who might work with him so it is both inspiring for the workers and comforting to the client who can be reassured that everything is built under his watchful eye. There are not many designers or builders in the class where Chris lives.

—Ricker Winsor

My wife and I have been working with Chris Jackson for years on numerous projects to renovate our large house originally constructed in 1804.  He and his team of professionals have done several rounds of major renewal, including a new entrance, kitchen, bathrooms, new windows, upgrades to the plumbing and electrical systems, and more.

Chris does excellent design work, offering alternatives and suggestions, all the while keeping our “wants”

Chris treated our house as his house and our money as his money.

in mind.  The major kitchen and entry project was a particular success, completed on time and on budget.

Probably the most important factor for us was that Chris treated our house as his house and our money as his money.  We have more we want to do and Chris is the person we want to lead the effort.  We strongly recommend Chris Jackson for your Design and Build projects.

— Richard and Beth Paolino

Chris Jackson orchestrated two major renovations for us and has provided a host of invaluable advice on other projects.  On the first project, Chris and his team renovated the living room and downstairs bathroom in our 150-year-old farmhouse. 

Our next big project with Chris was the addition of a sunroom to our house and the renovation

Chris has an excellent sense for design to fit within the context.

of the kitchen and sitting room that surrounded it.  The new sunroom was both elegant and a true pleasure to be in.  Every visitor to our house exclaimed about it and wanted one just like it.  We spent most of our waking hours at home in the sunroom.   For various reasons, we moved from the house a couple of years after.  We got a better price for the house than many people expected and I'm confident that Chris's work was the reason.

Chris has an excellent sense for design to fit within the context.  He is also a pleasure to work with on a day-to-day basis.  He suffered through our many changes of mind with patience, often turning our wacky ideas into what we “actually meant”.

When we decided

... a real talent to envision how beautiful a house could be and to know how to achieve that.

to move, we found a new house that was a bit of a wreck.  We liked the overall aesthetics of the house and the property but were put off by the serious problems.  We brought Chris in for a consultation and he convinced us that the problems were actually an opportunity.  He provided us with a basic design of how to renovate the house to fulfill our needs.  He was exactly right—the problems were an opportunity and his basic design yielded a house that was even nicer than the one we left.  Chris has  a real talent to envision how beautiful a house could be and to know how to achieve that.

We are fortunate to have Chris as a designer, builder and friend.

George and Phyllis Wolford

Our old Cape is surrounded on all sides by additions that Chris built over the past twenty years, transforming what had been a barebones house into a series of lovely, welcoming spaces.

As a designer, Chris has excellent taste. He listened to what

He found elegant solutions for even the most problematic areas

we wanted rather than imposing his own grandiose schemes. At the same time, he suggested several fundamental changes that let us accomplish our original ideas more efficiently.  He found elegant solutions for even the most problematic areas, such as designing an entryway that had to incorporate six different rooflines.

As a builder and craftsman, Chris is honest and meticulous. He keeps a clean worksite and does an excellent job of minimizing the disruption of a major renovation. He is clear about what he is planning to do, so that we homeowners always knew what to expect. He delights in small touches, such as using a little bit of old pine where it will be noticed or placing an unexpected piece of hardwood to provide a colorful accent. He doesn’t skimp on details and he stands behind his work. Our projects were completed on time and on budget! How many friends do you know who can say that about their building projects?

—David Millstone and Sheila Moran

We were looking for someone who could not only provide us with a vision of what our renovated house would look like, but help us understand the process of getting there, from time

Going beyond mere design, Chris supplied frank and honest guidance throughout the entire process

line, to cost, to construction.

Going beyond mere design, Chris supplied frank and honest guidance throughout the entire process.  He discussed potential options before showing us designs, and then worked with us to come with up with improvements that brought functionality and style to our home.

He arranged for three different contractors he trusted to bid on the job, and helped us analyze those bids. Once we had chosen a contractor with whom we were both comfortable, he kept an eye on how things were progressing, and made it clear that he was there to help if whenever we needed him, but would not be in the way if we didn't.

As for the design it has been fantastic to see his drawings come to life and truly transform our home from one we could live in to one that truly fits our lifestyle and family.

—Mark and Jennifer Schiffman

Eighteen years ago we bought a house, chiefly because of its beautiful location on a Vermont hillside. The house was sound, but not really big enough for our family, and the rooms were awkwardly laid out. Having seen some of Chris Jackson’s work, we went to him.

We first asked him to work with us to convert our basement into living space—a family room, a bathroom and a small bedroom. The result was (and s

...exceptional design and building expertise

till is) outstanding, owing chiefly to Chris’ imagination and structural know-how.

Over the years, we have asked Chris to return to carry out four other substantial design and building projects, each of which has required imaginative use of the available space. Thanks to him, our house is now really attractive and useful.

In addition to his exceptional design and building expertise, Chris is a pleasure to work with—friendly, patient and reliable.

“Our made-over home is so lovely.  Thank you again Chris for all your hard work re-imagining our home.”

— Christine and Don Bartlett

Chris designed a second-story addition to our house that was a challenge to blend with the rest of the house both structurally and aesthetically. He came up with a great plan that looks good, works structurally and created the space we wanted. During the building process, he was readily available for consultation and to answer questions from the builders and from us. Chris is a pleasure to work with, has a good eye, good ideas, is a good listener, and we heartily recommend him.

—Greg Spitz and Audrey Brown

Chris has done a wide variety of construction projects for us during our 37 years in Lyme.  When we have a need, we always contact him first.  He shows up promptly, turns on his brain and suggests

Chris is the most imaginative designer/builder I know. 

a solution (or tells us to forget it).  He built us a new kitchen and screen porch which are oft admired.  Chris is the most imaginative designer/builder I know.  He’s a pleasant, upbeat person who keeps you informed along the way.

— Gibb and Mary Cornwell

Chris Jackson has done many building projects for me throughout the years, always maintaining the integrity of my 200 year old farmhouse.  His work ethic is unmatched, and his creative skills in design and implementation are of the highest caliber.  Furthermore, he always worked within my financial budget and included me in the process from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend his talent!

—Alethea Young

I have seen first hand your work and I am in awe.   I know that I speak for both Pete and myself when I say that we absolutely want to have you build this porch for us.          

...and after completion—

Chris went above and beyond all of our expectations as our designer and contractor.  He was always kind, courteous and extremely efficient on the job.  He was always available for any questions or concerns we had throughout our project and the quality of his work has proven outstanding.

We are most satisfied with the job he did for us and would have no reservations recommending him to others.

—Jane and Peter Officer





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